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extending with little seismic dance theater: we don’t belong here

Michael Trigilio left a message he was planning to light up either UN Plaza, or Union Square, or both with a dance company and would illCorr have any resources to spare? Of course. The project is pretty evocative, and re-highlights the giant Venn diagram of movement and media artists in the Bay Area, freely collaborating, mixing vocabularies and strategies.

We Don’t Belong Here’s examination of belonging asks all the questions illCorr projects never bothered to ask. We simply, mostly rudely, answer in an unmistakeable affirmative just by showing up. Which Killer Banshees did last Thursday, and I did last Sunday, throwing down on the steps and small buildings of Union Square during a rehearsal. We drew a crowd, but not as large of a crowd as the people who set up a brief fashion show with a 100-foot red carpet and DJ sound system, but way larger than the dude and his drum kit. Find us this Sunday at dark o’clock in what is apparently called Yerba Buena Lane, but which I have always called Almighty Beard Papa Driveway. Come early. They close at 6.

[ Performances on the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October ]

department of public works: temescal street cinema

Sometime in the Spring, we started talking with the good folks at Temescal Street Cinema about their 2011 summer season. After three years of neighbors showing films by Bay Area artists on the side of a bank at 49th and Telegraph, the founders were seeking new partnerships to pull off Season 4 with their sanity and vacation schedules intact. illCorr connected artists Alfonso Alvarez, Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian to the project for curatorial and technical services, making new friends with the Royal Nonesuch Gallery folk along the way as we convened six Thursdays to block the street and show the show, digging in to custom-made walk away pulled pork cocktails from Guerilla Grub each time. The partnership is continuing in 2012, stay tuned.

call for work: eastBaynian bike in movies

i think you remember this particular sceneThe Public Works Department of the Illuminated Corridor is assisting East Bay Bicycle Coalition with a string of bike-in movies (dates below).

This may be good moment to collect experimental work in film and video that looks at human-powered locomotion.

Have something? Please send an url or description with your contact information to proposals at illuminatedcorridor dot com.

First Round Deadline for submissions: April 16

No fee to submit. We’ll never screen without your permission. We’re putting the touch on some folks to support screening honoraria, stay tuned.

The Schedule So Far As We Understand It
[changes will go out with a hashtag of #illcorr]

Friday, April 23 at Oakland Whole Foods
Wednesday, May 12 at El Cerrito Theater
Saturday, May 15 at Alameda Theater
Thursday, May 20 at Swan’s Market, Old Oakland
Friday May 21 at Trumer Brauerei Berkeley and at Linden Street Brewery Oakland
[considering a bonus to the bicyclist who is able to fully enjoy both screenings without landing in a ditch. Or jail.]
and maybe a few more. If you’re interested in hosting in your neighborhood, please find me.

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