illcorr oakland art day

illcorr oakland art day

Friday, October 3
7:14pm – 10pm

199 Kahn’s Alley
[in City Hall Plaza]

free street performance
rain or shine
bring an fm radio

The Illuminated Corridor returns to celebrate Oakland Art Day with a relighting of Kahn’s Alley, the vertiginous entrance to City Hall Plaza bordered by the Oakland Art Gallery and the rising flank of the Rotunda Building.

One of the culminating events of Oakland Art Day at the Oakland Art Gallery, this Corridor explores three themes of Oakland’s art past, present and future:

Pardee, a meditationon the former Wetmore Pardee building (now the Dalziel City Administration Building) which housed over 50 artists’ studios from the early 70s to the mid-90s;

Rotunda, a contrapuntal exploration of the current identity of Kahn’s Alley; and

eWords, a new anthem drawn from the momentum of Oakland’s public-private cultural investment initiatives.

Walk among this collaboration of performative projectionists, intermedia artists and musicians as they relight civic space with experimental outdoor cinema.

Artists include

Keith Arnold, Big City Orchestra [Ninah Pixie, Das, Damara Arrowood], CJ Borosque with Lords Of Outland, Thomas Carnacki [Sheila Bosco, Jesse Burson, Marielle Jakobsons, Jim Kaiser, Gregory Scharpen, Agnes Szelag,Matt Waldron], Chen Santa Maria with Nate Boyce, Jen Cohen, Dyemark, Michael Goodier, Phillip Greenlief’s Large Ensemble, Jeff Hobbs, Killer Banshee, Lucio Menegon, Mike Missiaen, Reel Change [David Michalak, Andrew Voigt, Tom Nunn, Ann Dental], Geneva Rust-Orta and Sigi Arnejo, Patrice Scanlon, SL Morse [Alicia Byer, Amy Friebertshauser, Tyler Harwood, Zach Houston, Aurora Josephson, Sarah Lockhart, Aram Shelton, Damon Smith, Moe! Staiano], VoxMaids, Lexa Walsh and The Oakland Jingle Orchestra, and many others with live, hyper-local FM broadcast from Neighborhood Public Radio.

links to artists here