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not a corridor, really

i mean it, not a corridor

i mean it, not a corridor

Someone pointed out the highly formal language appearing in East Bay Express and Estuary Art Attack promo referring to “the artists of the illuminated corridor”. Eyebrow raised. But really, truly, the side projects (here, or here) are really intentionally not Corridors, which have all kinds of risk and velocity. There are these other quiet corners for concentration, and, in some cases, incubation.

But it’s a big summer for outdoor cinema in Oaklandia, based, imho, on a sophisticated civic assumption and the cost of an indoor movie ticket: Temescal, Jack London Square, new indoor work from Swarm, Great Wall’s monthly screening and the persistent feeling that one can’t go out without seeing something lit up just because we can, just because we (in that cinema paradiso way), should.

The East Bay Express really wanted a Corridor, but were very cool and accepting of the alternative.  Look for a little bit of  Liberation Drive-In that night.

call for artists

subcultures: work in moving image and sound

artists residing or creating in the east bay are invited to submit film, video, audio and proposals for live cinema performance in the upcoming east bay express best of the east bay party on august 7, 2009.

deadline for submissions
july 10, 2009

submit [film & video]
submit [audio]
submit [live cinema proposal]

can’t do this one? stay in touch for the next one
please join the mailing list to receive notification of the next call for work.

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