illCorr Extended

Work on future Corridors is looming, but chances to work with good people are right in front of us:

[very briefly outside the victoria theater :: feb 20 and 21 :: details]
San Francisco Cinematheque
is kicking off its spring season with Apparent Motion, a two-day celebration of the art of live image projection: the cinematic exhibition apparatus exposed as a primal light and sound machine, an invention without a future, ripe for rediscovery. That’s Steve Polta’s text by zee vay.

IllCorr is co-presenting because it gives our audiences a chance to see many illCorr artists inside, which we will never do for you, but happily the fine people at SFCinematheque will. Good chance to see the Cinepimps with enough circuit (well, maybe) and east-coast collaborators Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder and many more. Totally reasonably priced and a great snapshot of the live cinema genre, so go, and queue up early to see what Killer Banshee and Wolfram Projections do with that absorbing red brick facade.

[then roaming around art murmur :: mar 5 :: details]
Art IS Education is celebrating its tenth year with a month of community events. illCorr Extended will be leading artwalks between the three Art Murmur venues presenting the work of youth that night, half parade, half crossing guard, hopefully with some good results on moving facade illumination. Just look for the bikes showing movies between Rock Paper Scissors, Creative Growth and 21 Grand.