homegrownphoto by Chris Gomula-Kruzic

We walked Jack London Square on Monday and came up with three sites for projection, all of them offering a Different Kind of Yes. Eliot thinks the above site may be on top os the Skate Park, in which case I bet you can find us by Triumphant Grid of Palm Trees at the absolute end of Broadway.

dAs mentioned Big City Orchestra will be six: he and Ninah joined by Wobbly, the Bran(pos), Alan Herrick (Nux Vomica) and Mark Wilson (Conure), two digital and three 16mm projectors.

Sade will be roaming in the Red Wagon we introduced at the Art Murmur, and may take over the Children’s Stage (a wee bandshell) once the kids area shuts down at dark.

Chris and Jess will have a moving image of water that catches fire when you walk through it. Don’t miss this.