The Illuminated Corridor will join Neighborhood Public Radio at its American Life exhibition at the 2008 Whitney Biennial (March 6 – June 1). The Corridor will close NPR’s run at the Whitney, creating a one-night only outdoor performance that uses source material from NPR’s Public Radio Interfaces (PRIs) and television transmissions.

The Corridor, entitled NOVA, will be a compound work for film and music in collaboration with over 60 artists based in New York, including an instance of a Very Large Quartet of many many musicians, only four of which will be playing at one time. The event will feature a collaboration of Oakland-based performative projectionists Alfonso Alvarez and Keith Arnold with New York-based Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, and a cascade of new work from emerging and established artists who will activate the Corridor’s mantra of collisions of public art, live music and film with astonishing results.

Details continue to emerge, so great and complicated an endeavor this is, with many moving parts, all of them precious. Simply mark your calendar for May 31, 2008 at civil twilight (why that would be 8:53pm, of course). Location TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA.