Michael Trigilio left a message he was planning to light up either UN Plaza, or Union Square, or both with a dance company and would illCorr have any resources to spare? Of course. The project is pretty evocative, and re-highlights the giant Venn diagram of movement and media artists in the Bay Area, freely collaborating, mixing vocabularies and strategies.

We Don’t Belong Here’s examination of belonging asks all the questions illCorr projects never bothered to ask. We simply, mostly rudely, answer in an unmistakeable affirmative just by showing up. Which Killer Banshees did last Thursday, and I did last Sunday, throwing down on the steps and small buildings of Union Square during a rehearsal. We drew a crowd, but not as large of a crowd as the people who set up a brief fashion show with a 100-foot red carpet and DJ sound system, but way larger than the dude and his drum kit. Find us this Sunday at dark o’clock in what is apparently called Yerba Buena Lane, but which I have always called Almighty Beard Papa Driveway. Come early. They close at 6.

[ Performances on the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October ]