from original photo by graham thomasArtists are invited to participate in an upcoming Illuminated Corridor inspired by Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, California. This call is for

  • community input
  • sound art, field recordings, and
  • film and video for screening and live performance.

project description
about middle harbor shoreline park

background on illCorr artist calls

ways to get involved:

  • community art charettes
    attend gatherings of artists in Middle Harbor Shoreline park to discuss the park’s history, ecology and creative potential.
    deadline: ongoing through June 2009
    next one: saturday, march 7 11am
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  • port radio
    an open call for audio content destined for a webcast and broadcast series that juxtaposes the local experience of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park as a working shipping container facility with content from ports around the world, inviting listeners to discover commonalities and differences.
    deadline for submissions: may 1 2009
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  • subtidal goals
    an open call for original works of film and video (all formats) destined for a live cinema event that envisions life just below the surface of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.
    deadline for submissions: april 1, 2009
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