Rather last-minutely, and just to keep the peoples filled with delight, illCorr is rustling up some public art, film and live music at some interstitial spot during the East Bay Express’  annual party. We do this not because we’ve abandoned site-specific work (we haven’t, patience, thanks), but because we read our names in the East Bay Express ad and thought, o!

How hard would that be?

August 6. Dark o’clock. Jack London Square.
If you’re not subscribed to the illCorr announcement list, please jump on. I imagine we’ll have to establish a twitter account to let you know our location at the very last minute, and the notion is making us lie down for a little bit. In the meantime, hashtag #illcorr for the conversation about how this throws down.

Big love to Terry Furry, who continues to cultivate a strong connection to Oakland arts in the work of the Express.

That photo is by Gilbert Guerrero.