as in: who’ll be performative projecting on august 6 at the ebexpress partay. If you’re interested in joining the fray, find us.

Talked with Theo Konrad Auer while setting up for the oakuff salon: art@theoakbook has a gallery directly opposite the old barnes and noble in jack london square where oakuff throws down, and I saw this michel gondry animation spring out of the top of one venue and embrace the other. Apologies to anyone who tried to talk to me at that moment, perhaps I looked kinda far way. Then Theo walked up. Then Terry Furry, instigator.

We’re studying the map to see how to draw a line of light from the live art component of the party to the art@oakbook gallery, which will be opening that night with a new show of Daniel Healey, epic. Theo agreed to curate a crush of imagery for us to project, don’t miss.