An Uncommon Collaboration

Since its debut in 2005 the Corridor has convened six times in Oakland and San Francisco, involving over 100 filmmakers, media artists, sound artists and musicians. At least. There are some who just showed up and started in, then disappeared before we could count them. That was cool.

Corridors hinge on a consensus model, distributing leadership among the participating artists who directly create, in the moment, the content of each Corridor, and activating a small cadre of volunteer arts professionals who deliver key infrastructure for each installation. Like 90,000 watts of electricity. And burritos. Corridors also rely on partnering nonprofit organizations who carry our weight with The Man, such as 21 Grand and San Francisco Cinematheque. Here’s the list of all these fine people.

The Illuminated Corridor Advisory Group

A new approach for the work of 2008, the Advisory Group draws from new media, theater and movement arts, public art, youth development, social change, architecture, conceptual art, film and music communities. All are arts practitioners who are able to guide the work of the Corridor from distinct points of view and from the point of view of their own constituencies. The Corridor relies on the insights of the advisory group and the full collaborative to frame the work, improve its techniques and identify new opportunities to convene. And they are:

Alfonso Alvarez
Filmmaker, Faculty, California College of Art

Eliot Daughtry
Video Artist, Killer Banshee Studios

Kriss de Jong
Video & Public Artist, Killer Banshee Studios

Jason Engelund
Visual / Media Artist, Social Practitioner, Center for Art & Public Life

Mark Gerghis
Musician, Ethnomusicologist, Sublime Frequencies

Brian Laczko
Architect, Finn-Laczko Architects, Shed Design

Sarah Lockhart
Conceptual Artist, Executive Director, 21 Grand

LeE Montgomery
Project Coordinator, Neighborhood Public Radio

Suki O’Kane
Musician, Project Coordinator, Illuminated Corridor

Edward Schocker
Composer, Co-Founder, Thingamajigs Festival

Lori Zook
Nonprofit Arts Management, Nancy Quinn & Associates