Two artist teams are working to develop new work for an Illuminated Corridor at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park (Spring 2009).

tidal pour detail by rebecca haseltineThe Shallow Tide: Cheryl E. Leonard and Rebecca Haseltine

Cheryl and Rebecca have been collaborating to create installations and compositions based on aspects of tidal flows in estuaries (water patterns and cycles, the dynamic equilibrium of environments in flux, and how life adapts to these changing conditions, and more), After performances and installations at NWEAMO International Festival of Electro-acoustic Music and Hunter’s Point Open Studios, the team is turning its attention to the tidal wetlands of Middle Harbor, where habitat restoration efforts are underway to support a thriving and diverse bird and wildlife community. They are developing an an outdoor installation of drawings, sculpture and video in Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, and a live musical performance situated within this visual environment. [learn more >>]

gilbert guerrero and kathleen quillianTriangulation: Gilbert Guerrero & Kathleen Quillian

Artists Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian are developing a site-specific project inspired by the military history (Building 122) and physical design (Triangulation) of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. They are exploring the layers of historical and physical sediment that have settled onto the park. Using interactive technology like a contemporary divining rod, the work will conjure the various channels of history that converge on the area and re-integrate them into an active narrative with the present as an on-site audio-visual installation. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the site by experiencing it not as a site on which history has happened but a site that provides a continuous engagement with the present. [learn more >>]

This work is being supported by the East Bay Community Foundation’s Fund for Artists and the Illuminated Corridor Artist Commissioning Fund. Click the widget to join our community of donors, or visit the Corridor pages to learn about other ways to make a tax-deductible contribution directly to these artists.